AVA Gallery Hop 2013
September 7th, 2-8pm 

The Association for Visual Arts (AVA) is pleased to present the seventh annual AVA Gallery Hop.

The Gallery Hop will feature galleries and artist studios in and around Downtown Chattanooga. This year, more than 20 galleries and studios will participate.

During the Gallery Hop, the public can meet local artists, watch demonstrations and learn about the artists’ creative processes at their studios. Galleries will have special exhibitions on display, and refreshments will be provided at most venues.

A map featuring the location of each gallery and studio will be available at all participating galleries. This specially designed guide will enable “hoppers” to create their own route during the event and can also be used throughout the year for visitors interested in touring the local arts scene. This year’s event will also present an opportunity for hoppers to win an “Instant Art Collection” featuring artworks from the participating galleries. Those who wish to be entered to win must visit at least 10 galleries where they will get their entry card stamped. At the end of the night, entries may be turned in at any Hop location. For more information about Gallery Hop, visit www.avarts.org or call 423-265-4282 ext. 105.